Ruben Navarrette: Cruz talks himself into a knot on immigration

According to Ruben Navarrette, “Ted Cruz used to be known for straight talk. But on immigration, all we hear from the Texas senator is doublespeak.

Gracias, Marco Rubio. It took the Florida senator to open up a national dialogue over whether Cruz – despite his bluster against “amnesty” – at one point actually supported legislation that would have given legal status to the undocumented as long as it didn’t include a path to citizenship.

If someone was going to attack Cruz’s character, it makes sense that it would be a fellow Cuban-American. Every Latino learns sooner or later: No one can hurt you like one of your own. We know each other’s weak spots and which buttons to push. And we’ll push them.

This telenovela began when Cruz recently jabbed at Rubio for co-sponsoring in 2013, as part of the Senate’s “Gang of Eight,” a controversial immigration bill that Cruz has insisted was “amnesty.””

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