New Poll Shows Americans Reject Trump’s Plan to Ban Muslims by 2 to 1.

Nearly six in 10 Americans oppose Donald Trump’s plan to bar Muslim immigration to the U.S. in the wake of terrorist attacks, according to a new WSJ/NBC News poll released on Thursday. Fifty-seven percent of respondents said they objected to the proposal, compared to just 25 percent who said they supported it.

But Trump still has a plurality of support among GOP respondents: 42 percent said they supported the Republican presidential front-runner’s plan to halt Islamic immigration temporarily.
However, among likely Republican primary voters, 39 percent said they oppose the plan, compared to 38 percent who said they support it. Seventy-five percent of Democrats and 55 percent of unaffiliated respondents said they oppose restricting immigration based on faith.

The poll also found that a plurality of respondents, 41 percent, find Trump’s remarks regularly insulting and wrongheaded.

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