Martin O’Malley Discusses Immigration at DePaul

According to the Depaulia, the award winning newspaper from Depaul University, Presidential Candidate Martin O’Malley said he plans to use the oval office to help millions of immigrants. Specifically he said,

“As president, I intend to use the full legal and executive authority of my office —or I should say your office, entrusted to me — to safeguard and better include New Americans in the life of our country,” O’Malley said.

This inclusion, he said, will be in the form of expanding Deferred Action status to include millions of immigrants beyond just immigrant children and their parents; repealing three- and 10-year ban policies, which prevent immigrants who once resided in the country illegally, left voluntarily and wish to come back legally, from doing so; and expanding the Affordable Care Act to include coverage for undocumented immigrants.

Integration of undocumented immigrants not only contributes to the founding principles of America, O’Malley said, but promotes economic growth.

“If we want to get wages to go back up, I believe that one good way to do that is to get 11 million of our neighbors out of the shadow economy and onto the books in the open American economy to make wages go up for all Americans,” he said.

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